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Hi there !

Well, so I just created :facebook: banner and logo for Anneke Van Giersbergen and Arjen Lucassen's new project called The Gentle Storm 
Make sure to follow them for more infos and news regarding their new project ! 

Both Anneke and Arjen are amazing artists, that I've loved for many years, show them support and add them on FB !

Much :heart:
Hi there, and first of all happy 14th birthday DA !

Well, it's time to tell you about my story here, and how everything started. I joined way back 2003, and have been an active member since then (I became a senior in 2007).

It all really started thanks to Ashlie devildoll who introduced me to the site and conviced me to create an account though I was a complete beginner. I never did photomanipulation before joining Deviantart, and as soon as I joined, I felt the urge to create. I was sort of amazed by the art of aleksandra ladymorgana and furiouskitten and instantly knew that I had to try.

Queen of Black Hearts by furiouskitten Li l l i t h other Perspective by SeaFairy Threnody In Velvet Poster by ladymorgana

Way back then, (I was unemployed at that time), I used to create an artwork per day (now I am happy enough to create a personal artwork per month). And I practiced a lot. I learnt so much from all the tutorials, from the comments and feedback, and managed to create some interesting pieces (after some time, let's be honest, it didn't work out overnight ^^). 

A la Frontiere du Reve by AlexandraVBach Where my Soul Wanders by AlexandraVBach 

And look at that face, I was sooo goth (haha) : 

Fragile by AlexandraVBach

To make a long story short, in 2005, a canadian band called Kooper Kain contacted me to use one of my pieces as their cd artwork, I agreed...and the rest is history ! More and more bands became interested in my work, in 2007 I even worked for Kamelot, then Adagio, and I was lucky enough to start my own company. Now I am a freelance digital artist, I have the opportunity to create artwork for artists that I love (Stream of Passion), authors, bands, establishing publishing companies, I released an artbook and I recently started licensing my artwork. All of this wouldn't have happened without DA, and I know how much I owe to this fantastic community.

I send many good wishes to all of you people who support me, who keep on commenting on my artwork, who stood by me along the long way, to all of you that I finally met (winteravalon MaliciaRoseNoire for example), the ones I'm dying to meet next time I'll be in Scotland (fourteenthstar !) or in Blamont (MythridArt) & the one who wrote a book with me, my friend The-Underwriter ^^
I also think about exceeds and the great time we had releasing artpacks with fensterer Aeirmid MarcelaBolivar and so many great artists.
A big hug to my lovelies MariaAmanda and Elandria
Last but not least, I am thankful for the six daily deviations I received.

To conclude, here is a selection of my all-time favourites : 

Two Locks One Key by MichaelO Leda by MarcelaBolivar collector of souls by dihaze Pearl by thienbao Tribute to Burton's Alice by Dferous The Seven Deadly Sins: VANITY by dahlig Wicked by Artgerm hades and persephone 2 by sandara

From the bottom of my :heart:, I wish you all a great DA Birthday !
Hi there !

It's been a long time, isn't it ? I hope you're all doing alright and that you're having a nice summer vacation, as I do :)

Since June, life has been hectic, and I got commissionned so much that I couldn't find the time to create a single piece of personal art. Whatever, summer is here, and I am already working on a new piece.

First of all, (and I am still pretty in shock about it) I won first prize in 'A Song of Ice and Fire' official fanart competition organized by french publisher of the book, J'ai Lu / Flammarion, with my artwork Mother of Dragons, and won a drawing by french illustrator Marc Simonetti. Let me tell you that I couldnt believe it and am still mega happy about it !

During the last months, I did many book covers , if you missed one of them, make sure to check my official FB account

As usual I still have many artworks in progress, seven book covers, and new personal art. Then, but I still have time to talk about it, I'll be in Paris for a signing session (end of October) ^^ of my artbook Requiem… :heart:

Love & light,

Hi there,

Did you know that I released my first artbook, Requiem ?
Co-written with excellent author and friend Arnaud Armant The-Underwriter and available since the 1st of November 2013, it’s been released through French publishing house Editions du Chat Noir (Graphicat collection), and since then has become their number five bestseller !

Requiem has received many positive critiques from french readers and press, and has even been nominated for best artbook 2013 on Vampires&Sorcières webzine.

Requiem has been reviewed and noted :

9.22/10 on
4.33/5 on
18.7/20 on

Moreover, Requiem has been translated into english by Patrick Marcel, who is official translator of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R Martin in France ! Such an honor for me !

Make sure to get your copy from or on my editor website

Signed copies are available too, feel free to message me about it !

Requiem by AlexandraVBach

Hi there ! So happy to have been granted my 6th Daily Deviation, for my artwork The Ritual ! Thanks so much to Aeirmid who featured it, and to the great photographers jagged-eye and mjranum-stock for their amazing resources :heart:

Thanks to all of you for the support !

The Ritual by AlexandraVBach
Hi there ! I am finally back from my ten days road trip in Scotland where I had an amazing time ! Now it's time to go back to work ! 

First Stream of Passion revamped their website with some art I created for their new cd and let me say that it looks really great
I also designed Tshirt merchandising to compliment the cd release with an original artwork featuring Marcela Bovio (pic by Tim Tronckoe)

Then I also opened a merchandising store on Society6 with exclusive goodies such as bags, mugs and throw pillows featuring my artwork :

Make sure to visit it on… !

I have also completed three new book covers and am about to start three new ones, as well as a new personal artwork that I'll reveal pretty soon !

Much :heart:
Hi there ! 

Look what the cat dragged in ! Here's my copy of the new Stream of Passion album, with my artwork as cover art (photo by Tim Tronckoe) and inside artwork (layout designed by Martijn Peters)
Are you planning to get the album ? Stream of Passion is a very great band and I am so happy of our collaboration :heart:

I am now off to a well deserved vacation break ! Make sure to follow me on :facebook:… for more art and news !

Much love,
Hi there ! I am back from France's most enormous book fair, le Salon du Livre de Paris, where I had an amazing signing session for Requiem and all the books I illustrated ! I did non stop signing all sunday afternoon long and it was so nice to meet new readers, friends, writers, and so on ! I really had an amazing time in Paris :heart:

Here are some pics for you :

Make sure to see all the pics on my facebook page here… and to follow me ^^

Un tout petit message en français pour remercier ceux d'entre vous que j'ai rencontrés/vus/revus au Salon du Livre de Paris ! J'ai passé un excellent moment et ai dédicacé avec plaisir de nombreux romans (Iced, Vampire Malgré Lui, Les Soeurs de la Lune, etc) durant cette formidable journée ! Un grand merci à mon éditrice de m'avoir invitée et à très bientôt pour une prochaine séance de dédicace !
Hi there !

There's a contest running right now on Requiem Facebook fanpage to win 3 signed Requiem bookmarks !

Make sure to enter from today until sunday !! Contest is international ^^ 

Good luck to all of you !


Hi there,

So after some months, it’s about time to do a quick recap regarding my artbook Requiem !

Requiem is my first artbook, co-written with excellent author and friend Arnaud Armant The-Underwriter and available since the 1st of November 2013,

It’s been released through French publishing house Editions du Chat Noir (Graphicat collection), and since then has become their number five bestseller !

Requiem has received many positive critiques from French readers and press, and has even been nominated for best artbook 2013 on Vampires&Sorcières webzine.

Requiem has been reviewed and noted :

9.22/10 on
4.33/5 on
18.7/20 on

To do the promotion of the book I did many signing sessions (Paris, Angouleme, Bordeaux, etc), and am invited to Le Salon du Livre de Paris (France’s most prominent literary event) www.salondulivreparis.comwww.s… to sign Requiem on Sunday, 23th of March !

We also wanted to please international readers, so we had it translated by Patrick Marcel, French official translator for A song of Ice and Fire (so let me say that English version is just badass ^^)

Ok, if you haven’t already, make sure to get your copy from the editors website or from amazon, and to join the fanpage to receive all the latest news regarding the book and the upcoming signing sessions !

Official Requiem Page…

Get your copy here :…
and here :…

Much love and see you guys after the Paris session for more pics and annoucements :)


Hi guys, I am so glad for Stream of Passion revealed the cover artwork I did for their new album A war of our own !

Digital Artwork I created is based on a photography of singer Marcela Bovio by Tim Tronckoe

I also did artwork for the booklet (so more is to be discovered ^^) as well as merchandising :)

I will post a larger image in my gallery in a couple of days :)

Do you like it ? I so love it and really enjoyed creating it ^^


Hi there !

First of all thanks so much for the great feedback on my latest piece : Dia de Muertos, it is highly appreciated !

Dia de Muertos by AlexandraVBach

So I have been invited to Le Salon du Livre in Paris to sign Requiem on the 23rd of March ! I will also have another signing session early March (waiting for my editor to confirm it)

Last but not least cover artwork for new Stream of Passion LP is complete, I hope you guys will love it as much as the band and I do ! It's been so great to work in collaboration with Marcela Bovio and Martijn (drummer / graphic designer). Can't wait for the album art to be revealed ! Album is out on the 18th of April !

Don't forget to check Requiem here…

Requiem by AlexandraVBach

Much :heart:
Hi there !

A quick journal entry to let you know that my artbook Requiem has been nominated for 2013 best artbook/graphic novel on V&S website (a major book community in France) and am really happy about it ! If you like my work or just want to show your support please cast your vote here ! 

And thanks so much for your help :heart:

Requiem Art by AlexandraVBach

Bonjour à tous,

Un petit message pour vous annoncer que Requiem est nominé aux V&S awards dans la catégorie 'Meilleur Ouvrage Graphique de 2013". Si vous avez aimé l'artbook, je vous invite donc à voter et à montrer votre soutien à Requiem à cette adresse !…

D'avance un grand merci à tous et à bientôt pour de nouvelles news ;)

Hi there ! I wish you a really great, fantastic, and creative new year 2014 ! May all your wishes and artistic endeavours come true !

Honestly, 2013 went so fast ! But I am happy of it for it has seen the release of my first artbook, and many amazing things for me : I started working for Applibot Japan as a character designer and also started working as book cover artist for two of the most prominent publishers in France : Flammarion and Bragelonne. And, at the end of the year, many great stuff happened too, for example the annoucement of my collaboration with Stream of Passion for their upcoming album art.

2014 starts as crazy as 2013 ended, I am working on countless book covers, and got a really great deal (I will tell you about it on time) which might give more exposure to my artwork, and this is just fantastic.  So what can you expect from me in 2014 ? First I will have book covers done for french editor Bragelonne (Milady collection), for the Sisters of the Moon series by american author Yasmine Galenorn. I will also collaborate again with Flammarion / J'ai Lu for another book cover to be released in March. I will also go on collaborating with Editions du Chat Noir with at least three book covers, and start new collaborations with french publishing houses.
On an international note, I am now represented in Japan and China by an artistic agency.

Fragments et Cicatrices - Sophie Dabat by AlexandraVBach Les Brumes du Crepuscule by AlexandraVBach Requiem by AlexandraVBach

Cd artwork won't be forgotten since I am expecting the Stream of Passion cover art to be done in a couple of weeks too,

And last but not least, I will attend fantasy book conventions and do signing sessions of my artbook Requiem in France :)

Once again, I wish you a fantastic new year, and want to thank you all for your constant support !

Much love,

Hello ! I hope you had an amazing Xmas time ! And thanks to all of you for the many Birthday wishes :heart:

Last big news for 2013, I am creating artwork for Stream of Passion upcoming album ! You can listen to Marcela Bovio announcing it in the video and german interview below :…

Hi there ! I am soooooooooooo happy ^^ One of the promo pictures I postworked for band Sorronia (support band for Tarja's Colours in The Road Tour 2014) is featured today on, her official website...Just :w00t:

Thanks a million for your constant support of my two recent artworks and I wish you a very great Xmas time :heart:

Hi there !

My Xmas contest has just started and will last until the 10th of December :)

Try your luck on Facebook to win a signed 2014 calendar ! Click here :…

Alexandra V.Bach 2014 Calendar by AlexandraVBach

Good luck to all of you !
Omg I can't believe I almost forgot to celebrate it ! Well I was mega busy this last month and skipped the great 28th of October !

Well so happy DA anniversary to me, I have been there for 10 years....thanks to Ashlie, who dragged me in (you can thank her ^^)

Way back 2003, when I started,  I would never never have guessed that one day I would run my own business and publish a book... So let's say that anything can happen, if you really want it and more, if you really work hard for it ! In ten years I have had the chance to collaborate with awesome bands and artists such as Kamelot, Adagio, Epysode, Melissa Ferlaak, Operatika, Solisia, I did many solo shows in Paris, got my artwork printed on the cover of Elegy, and now am working as a book cover artist for major publishing companies in France and character designer for Applibot, Inc. (Japan)
I am happy and blessed to do the things I love and this is exactly what I wish for you :heart:

Thanks for your constant and real support, it means the world to me 


Andromeda, my latest piece, is dedicated to those rocking ladies :
:icondevildoll: :iconkuschelirmel: :iconaeirmid: :iconpinkabsinthe:
Andromeda by AlexandraVBach

Hi there, I am just back from Paris where I had an amazing time over at Salon du Fantastique, a fantasy themed book convention where I signed Requiem and met so many great people (writers, artists, cosplayers and many more)! Here's a small recap pic for you :

Requiem got a massive appreciation so I am over the moon right now ! I will head to North of France / close to Belgium in a couple of days for another book convention and give my first photomanipulation 'masterclass/conference' along with CÚcile Guillot ! (this really makes me quite anxious to say the least ^^)
Then I will return to Paris in December for a one month solo show over at L'Antre Monde bookstore and a signing session on the 7th of December ^^

See you

Hi there, as you can see The-Underwriter and I started signing all the pre-ordered artbooks tuesday evening !

OMG there are so many of them ! Thanks to everyone who already ordered it, we :heart: you so much !