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Hi there !

A couple of days ago I was awarded a ninth Daily Deviation, for my latest artwork to date, Yotika, from my series le Cabinet de Curiosités !
Le Cabinet de Curiosites - Yotika by AlexandraVBach

I would like to thank our GD ErikShoemaker and all of you for the nice comments, I truly appreciate them ! 

I also would like to thank my amazing model S-T-A-R-gazer, she perfectly embodies the character of Yotika :heart:

The book, le Cabinet de Curiosités, has already reached the number of 100 preoders ! I am so thrilled about it ^^ 

In a couple of weeks, I'll be heading to Poitiers (center of France) for my upcoming signing session, see you there !

Hi there !! Since there's so much interest for my artbook in many different countries, it is now possible to preorder Le Cabinet de Curiosités directly through me, via paypal.

Le Cabinet de Curiosites by AlexandraVBach

Book price including shipping costs is 20.10 Euros and book will be delivered worldwide from the 20th of September on !
 :bulletblue: Paypal adress for preordering is :

Make sure to be among the fifty first readers to preorder and you can be the lucky winner of a real cameo made from my artwork Le Camée des Morts :

Thanks so much for your support,
Do you have questions ? Feel free to get in touch !

Hi there ! I am just back from Paris where I really had a blast over at the Salon Fantastique ^^ Here are some pics for you to enjoy !

With authors Cécile Guillot and Bettina Nordet (and Requiem ^^)

With author Georgia Caldera

This signing session was epic, thanks so much guys :heart:
Hi there !! I am so glad to let you know that preoders for my book, Le Cabinet de Curiosités are now open ! Click the banner below to order it while stocks last ! 3 extra signed cards will be offered with the book, and of course, the 64 pages, full colored book will be signed and personalized by author Hilda Alonso and I :)

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer :heart:

Roman graphique de Hilda ALONSO (textes) et Alexandra V.BACH (illustrations)
Collection Graffics

Parution : 20 septembre 2016
Format : 29,7 cm x 21,0 cm – 64 pages
Illustration de couverture : Alexandra V.BACH

4ème de couverture

Sous ses allures bohèmes de roulotte fantôme, le Cabinet de Curiosités va par les routes, recueillant sur son passage les objets magiques brisés par l’homme. Dans cet univers clos, ce refuge bercé de lenteur, la vie en suspens, minuscule et fragile, reste menacée…

Yotika, la femme-araignée, gardienne de cette arche assiégée, ne peut plus protéger les siens et assiste, impuissante, à la fin de son monde.

Mais les chemins de perdition ne sont pas ceux que l’on croit…

Livre illustré (64 pages).


Hilda Alonsodramaturge

Hilda Alonso est avant tout une conteuse, pour qui l’écriture est un absolu. Elle se consacre aujourd’hui à cet impératif après avoir mené une carrière de journaliste.

Passionnée par la mythologie mais aussi par les thèmes de l’identité et de la résilience, elle explore l’obscurité pour débusquer la vérité de l’être humain. Fervente lectrice des Romantiques, dont elle n’ose se prétendre l’héritière, elle est l’auteure de nouvelles et romans fantastiques, où elle aime faire vaciller les frontières entre réalisme et merveilleux, style classique et forme moderne.

Alexandra V.Bachscénographe

Illustratrice d’inspiration gothique et baroque, Alexandra réalise des créations digitales depuis 2003. Au fil du temps son travail a été remarqué par un grand nombre de groupes metal tels que Kamelot, Adagio, ou plus récemment Stream of Passion, Anneke Van Giersbergen et Arjen Lucassen avec qui elle a collaboré pour des artworks de cd.
Depuis 2011, elle réalise des couvertures de romans vampiriques et fantasy, pour les éditeurs spécialisés dans les littératures de l’imaginaire : les Editions J’ai Lu, Chat noir, Du Riez et Bragelonne (Labels Milady et Castelmore).
En Mars 2013, elle est devenue character designer du jeu Legend of the Cryptids pour la société japonaise Applibot, Inc.

En Novembre 2013 est sorti Requiem, son premier artbook co-réalisé avec Arnaud Armant, aux Editions du Chat Noir.
En 2016 sortiront ses deux prochains romans graphiques : L’Âme de l’Enfer (Textes de Westley Diguet) etle Cabinet de Curiosités (Textes d’Hilda Alonso – Editions du Riez)

Prix et récompenses
8 Daily Deviations sur Deviantart
Premier Prix du concours illustration Game Of Thrones (J’ai Lu / Flammarion)
Finaliste du prix des illustrateurs Valjoly’Maginaire 2011
Meilleure couverture fantasy 2013 – Vampire et Sorcières Awards : Iced (J’ai Lu) 3ème place
Finaliste du prix Mythologica pour la meilleure couverture fantasy 2014 (Noces d’Eternité – Aude Réco)

Hi there !

As you may probably know by now, I am currently working on a new artbook, based on my artwork series, Le Cabinet de Curiosités, and the time has come to let you know more about it !!

First of all it's been written by my dear friend Hilda Alonso, she crafted a beautiful, dark and melancholic story to go along the artworks, and am certain you will be thrilled about it ^^

Then, book has already been announced by the publishing company here :…

It will be a beautiful artbook, sized 29,7 cm x 21,0 cm with 64 pages of full color illustrations and let me say I am working damn hard on them ;)

Make sure to follow :facebook: Le Cabinet de Curiosités Official Page  in order to get all infos and exclusive artwork !!

Hi there !

I am so thrilled to let you know that my artwork La Belle Endormie has been featured on the cover of brand new issue of Imaginarium Magazine, a french alternative and artistic mag !

I have given a long and detailed interview about my work and upcoming projects, don't miss it !  :heart:

Follow me on Facebook !
Hi there ! I hope you're all doing fine !

First of all I am super glad to let you know about my upcoming book cover art, done for Castelmore Editions (France), the leading publishing company for young adult books ! Book is titled 'The Rose Society' and is the follow-up for Marie Lu's Young Elites novel.

It will be available next April :)

Then I am also happy to announce my upcoming signing session in Paris ! Come and meet me over Le Salon Fantastique  on Sunday, the 28th of February !
Pour les francophones, et ceux sur place, je serai en dédicace le dimanche 28 Février prochain à Paris,lors du Salon Fantastique ! Venez me rencontrer, sur le stand des éditions du Chat Noir, de 11h à 17h !
Hi there !!

And here it is, the cover of my upcoming graphic novel "L'Ame de l'Enfer" (Hell's Soul) written by french author Westley Diguet !

L'Ame de l'Enfer by AlexandraVBach

L'Ame de l'Enfer is a 120 pages book telling the beautiful story of Hades and Persephone, illustrated by approx. 15 of my most recent and favourite artworks as well as unreleased and original artwork created on purpose. Project will be explained in detail on our facebook page in a couple of days, so make sure to follow us for news, infos, and wip's ! 

:facebook: L'Ame de l'Enfer :…

Hi there and first of all Happy New Year to all of you :heart: 

Well, 2016 will be a 'busier-than-ever' year for me since I am working on two graphic novels : L'Ame de l'Enfer co-written with Westley Diguet (self published / June 2016) and Le Cabinet de Curiosités co-written with Hilda Alonso (Editions du Riez / November 2016), so let me tell you I am already working like crazy ;)

L'Ame de l'Enfer by AlexandraVBach

I will also have two signing sessions, in Paris and Poitiers, during the first semester !

At least 8 book covers will be announced soon for french publishing companies : Les Editions du Chat Noir, Bragelonne (labels Milady and Castelmore), Les Editions du Petit Caveau, and many more,

 Make sure to follow me on :facebook:…

Hi there ! I am so glad to let you know about my second upcoming book for 2016 : Le Cabinet de Curiosités ! It's been written by my long time friend and writer Hilda Alonso and will be available through french publishing company, Les Editions du Riez :)

I am so happy that the series finally comes up as a book ! Make sure to follow me here and on fb for news and infos !

Hi there ! 
How are you guys doing ? I am just back from Paris where I attended U2's Innocence+Experience tour, and it was freaking amazing ! I was so moved to see Bono perform on stage for the very first time of my life ^^ Anyone here been to one of their gigs lately ?

But the most important news of the week is the announcement of my upcoming graphic novel, L'Ame de l'Enfer ! Two years and a half after the release of my first artbook Requiem, I return with a brand new illustrated novel and am so thrilled to collaborate this time with french author Westley Diguet !

L'Ame de l'Enfer by AlexandraVBach

Make sure to join our facebook page to receive all news and details concerning this beautiful book that we've been preparing secretly for months !…

Book release is planned for first semester of 2016, be ready ! :heart:

And here we are, celebrating my 12th Deviantart Birthday, and thus 12 years of creation ! :heart:

First of all I would like to thank you all for following me through the years, your support is essential to me ! 

Then I would also say a massive and warm thank you to all the models I collaborated with, they are way too numerous to be listed, but girls, I wouldn't have done so much without your incredible material and beautiful pictures !

Through the years, I have been through up and downs of course, but creating artwork has always remained my priority and my number one passion :)

I joined Deviantart in 2003, as a total beginner, and today I have achieved many dreams, such as working for great metal bands (Kamelot, Stream of Passion), doing the cd cover artwork of my favourite singer, Miss Anneke Van Giersbergen (The Gathering, now The Gentle Storm), and of course publishing my own artbook, Requiem, as well as many book covers for France leading publishing companies :heart:

Requiem by AlexandraVBach The Gentle Storm - The Diary CD Artwork by AlexandraVBach Young Elites - Marie Lu book cover by AlexandraVBach

Thanks Deviantart for all you've done for me ! And now on to another 12 years, I have so many beautiful projects coming next !!!

Hi guys ! I am just back from North of France/ Belgium border to find out that I have received today my 8th Daily Deviation for La Belle Endormie ! Thanks so much to our new CV ErikShoemaker for granting my art a new DD !

La Belle Endormie by AlexandraVBach

I had a real blast during the Valjolymaginaire convention, here are some pics ! 

Make sure to follow me on :facebook: for more pics and news !…

Woot, my order has finally arrived and here are the first pics of my official calendar for 2016 ! 

I will bring them to my signing session this weekend over @Valjolymaginaire, they look so great :heart:

Pics of the signing session will be posted on monday ! Stay tuned,

Hi there ! I hope you're all doing fine !

First of all my Official calendar for 2016 is now available ! Its cover is made from my fav piece ever, Hades and Persephone, and it includes 11 other artworks that I really love, such as Amethyste, Dominant Succubus Althea, and two of my Four Seasons artwork series :heart:

Check it out !

Alexandra V.Bach 2016 Calendar by AlexandraVBach

Then I'll attend the Valjoly'Maginaire fantasy book convention in Eppe-Sauvage (59) on the 24 and 25 October, a beautiful place close to Belgium ! I am really glad to have the opportunity to meet fans in the North (of France ^^) for their are really supportive of my artwork and book covers ! My signing session will take place on both days, if you're in the area, don't miss it !

Three new book covers have been revealed, L'eau Noire, Psyché Mortelle and La Sorcière Rouge ! Make sure to follow me on :facebook:… if you haven't already !

Hi there !
Wow I can't believe summer already draws to its close and I am already back to work *sigh*

Nevertheless, I just wanted to say a big and massive thank you for the overwhelming and warm response on my Four Seasons series ! I am really glad that you guys like those new artworks and that you're still supporting my artwork even though I tend to submit less personal art than I used to !

Please meet Summer and Autumn if you haven't done it yet :

Four Seasons : Summer by AlexandraVBach Four Seasons : Autumn by AlexandraVBach 

And thanks to my two beautiful and inspiring models Elandria and KittyTheCat-Stock 

So what season do you want me to submit next ? Choice is narrow I have to say, what do you think about Spring ? 

I also would like to add that I'm always looking for new models to collaborate with, if you have a stock gallery, make sure to send me the link !

So my upcoming projects are numerous : I am working atm on four new book covers (for editions Bragelonne/Milady, Valentina Eds, Editions du Chat Noir, Sidh Press), my 2016 calendar is almost ready too and I have a million of ideas to pursue my Cabinet de Curiosités series :heart:

If you haven't done it yet, make sure to follow me on fb to stay updated, join giveaways, see before/after of my works and plenty of other cool things :…

Hi there ! I hope you're all having a beautiful summer time ! Wow it's already DA's 15th birthday celebrations...What can I say except from... time flies ;)

Well my, after Japan, my 2015 World Tour is now stopping for a few days in Berlin (Germany) which is my favourite city by far. Some of you may know that I spent my early years in Germany in the 90's and that I return to that country as much as it's humanly possible ^^
--Btw I'm looking for metal & vintage clothing shops in Berlin if you have some tips and adresses you recommend, drop me a line ! ---

And now it's time for the now famous Deviantart Questionnaire !

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    12 years ! I joined October, 2003

  2. What does your username mean?
    It's actually my artist name. I went by Wishmistress for many years, and when DA allowed us to change our usernames it was a real relief ^^

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Passionnate, true and a bit crazy (on the good side)

  4. Are you left or right handed?
    Right handed but I play the bass & guitar like a left handed

  5. What was your first deviation?
    I actually cannot remember ver ywell, for I started by submitting photos and self-portraits. My first photomanipulation was named Iced Queen and was just a simple portrait with a blue texture on it ^^ 

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create ?
    Mixed media photomanipulation. I love photomanipulation and I really like bringing it to a higher level, by adding many painted elements and doing something quite unique.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be ?
    High level eerie digital painting, such as escume or JenniferHealy's works, they are magnificent.
    Bait by escume Perseverance by JenniferHealy
  8. What was your first favourite? 
    One of ladymorgana's artworks for sure, her work really inspired me to start doing photomanipulation.
  9. Threnody In Velvet by ladymorgana
  10. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most ?
    Digital art, photomanipulation and photography.
  11. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? I would love Natalie Shau when she was active there as BlueBlack I still love her work though it's less easy to just follow her on social medias. She remains an inspiration however :)
  12. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? I'd love to meet so many of you ! First of all my fellow photomanip artists MythridArt MaliciaRoseNoire Creamydigital  my dear Moody in Canada deathtomen, and the ladies kuschelirmel Aeirmid Elandria 
  13. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life ? Not really, but I love how Da can bring people together, it's just awesome ^^ In 2004, my dear Kalle winteravalon came from Finland to France to visit me and it was a beautiful and very special time I'll never forget.
  14. What are your preferred tools to create art ? My Imac, Wacom tablet
  15. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art ? Home ! I can draw or do lighter stuff when I travel or such, but I create my most important pieces when I am home alone.
  16. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory ? When I received my first DD, and when I turned Senior in 2007, two really important milestones for me <3

    I was mentioned in many journals recently so thanks so much to you guys for featuring my artwork and wishing to meet me ;) I hope we will :heart:

Hi there ! I have been tagged by Elandria so here is my Zig Zag Feature ^^

Here are the rules for participation 

1. You don't have to be tagged to participate!
2. If you are featured, you are TAGGED, and you MUST participate! Do it, guys!
3. No excuses!!
4. How to do it:  If you are a PHOTOMANIPULATOR, you must select 5 of your own favorite works and feature them. Feature ONE prominent stock photo and the name of the person who created it. (That means you'll have 10 total artworks in your feature.) If you are a STOCK PROVIDER, you must select 5 of your own favorite works and feature them. Tag your ONE favorite photomanipulator who used each stock image, and include their deviation that used your stock. (That means you'll have 10 total artworks in your feature.)
5. No tag-backs!
6. You have 24 hours.
7. Paste these rules at the top of your feature journal.

1/ almudena-stock
Le Cabinet de Curiosites - The Mermaid by AlexandraVBach 

Mature Content

Days go by III by almudena-stock

La Belle Endormie by AlexandraVBachLady in Chair of Roses by FairyAndTurtleStock

Elsa - Frozen by AlexandraVBach Elsa Portrait - Stock by MariaAmanda

4/ mjranum-stock
Dominant Succubus Althea by AlexandraVBachLucy Remixed - 26 by mjranum-stock

5/ faestock
Amethyste by AlexandraVBachPart of your world6 by faestock


Hi there ! I hope you're all havin a beautiful summertime, wherever you are !
Many, many things have happened since my last journal entry, so to summarize :

- I did two awesome signature sessions in Bordeaux (along with Arnaud Armant The-Underwriter) and Poitiers ! Check the pics ^^

- I created book cover for Marie Lu's (mree)Young Elites french edition released by publishing company Castelmore and it's now out :

- I'm still thrilled to see the backdrops I created for Anneke Van Giersbergen's the Gentle Storm used on stage : look for this one over at ParkCity Live (Netherlands) !

Many other book covers have been released (Selena Rosa T5, La Tour, L'Exil, L'Ours et la Colombe, Phoebus Mortel, etc) , I don't submit all of them over on Deviantart, so make sure to follow me on :facebook:… or on Pinterest !
Well last but not least I am waiting for a beautiful and awesome contract to be signed next August, I am thrilled to let you know about it !!!! 

Hi there !

As you may know, I have joined the 78Tarot Nautical team of artists in order to create a 80 cards tarot deck !

Now the project has been launched on Kickstarter ! make sure to support it and pledge and get awesome rewards ^^…

Kayti Welsh says : "78 Tarot Nautical  - Tarot of the Water - Tarot Deck & Art Book"
It is our goal not only to produce a truly incredible collaborative Tarot Deck, but also get these artists' names out there and really show everyone their incredible talent. 

Each tarot card was carefully created by one of our 80 international artists spanning over 15 countries. Many of the artists who were with us for the first deck have stayed on for the second deck, including Meredith DillmanCarla MorrowJasmine Becket-GriffithTiffany Toland Scott,Larry ElmoreJessica Douglas, and Natalia Pierandrei. New artists have also joined the project, including Selina FenechAmy BrownStephanie Pui-Mun LawStanley MorrisonAlexandra V BachPierre Carles, and Alex Garant.

This year's deck spans the entire nautical realm, from sea monsters to pirates, mermaids to sea dragons, and every nautical critter in between."

And stay tuned if you want to discover my Two of Swords card !!